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How to Stream Music from an IPhone

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The iPhone is a great way to take your music collection on the go. People who have an iPhone with a large amount of storage obviously have the advantage. You will be able to squeeze more music onto your phone. However, if you run out of storage then you can convert your tracks from MP3 to other formats such as AAC which takes up only half the amount of space. That will allow you to squeeze enough music onto your phone to last for your next trip

Streaming music from an iPhone is usually quite straightforward. You can stream via different wireless protocols such as AirPlay or Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers are great for playing music which is streamed from your phone. If you don’t like the sound quality of those speakers then you can use your own speakers by connecting a Bluetooth amplifier model or similar device. You can also purchase a Bluetooth receiver which then has to be connected to an amplifier.

Bluetooth speakers are usually a good option if you want to enjoy music Watts traveling. Those speakers are portable and use internal batteries. Other speakers which are not portable obviously require power and thus are not portable. However, if you need to maximum sound quality then I recommend getting some decent speakers and then use a Bluetooth receiver. If you can spend even more then I recommend getting so-called AirPlay speakers.

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The place is a format which is supported by Apple products which offers higher fidelity than Bluetooth. It does this by transmitting the audio either uncompressed or by only using minimal compression. Compression reduces the data rate which is necessary for streaming audio via Bluetooth. However, doing the compression certain information is lost. However, when streaming from an iPhone then the music is usually already compressed on the phone. That means that using Bluetooth you should be able to stream at four quality.

Beware however. Some Bluetooth receivers don’t get support the latest Bluetooth four point or specification. That means that the audio would actually be converted into a different compression format prior to streaming. That means there will be some loss of fidelity. One drawback of Bluetooth speakers is that you can only have one receiver per phone. That means that if you want to stream stereo music then speakers are usually located inside one housing which means that stereo separation