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A Look at an Interesting Loudspeaker Innovation

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In this post, I’m going to highlight an interesting innovation that involves loudspeakers. If you work in a large office that has many workers then most likely there will be people sitting in close proximity to your cubicle. Oftentimes you will be bothered by other people talking on the phone. In addition, oftentimes you talk on the phone and don’t want your coworkers to listen in on your conversation.

This is where sound masking comes in. There are some companies that have developed unique products which take your voice and then generate a masking sound which is admitted over a pair of loudspeakers. The trick is that workers on the other side are unable to decipher the sound of your voice. The sound is shaped in a way completely mask out your voice.

However, don’t assume that you will be generating loud noise which is drowning out your voice. The technology used …

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