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How to Convert You Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers

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Most of today’s smart phones are equipped with Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth allows the phone to stream data as well as music. Many manufacturers of loudspeakers have taken advantage of this capability and introduce Bluetooth wireless speakers. However, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is often less than many people desire. Therefore, I’m going to suggest an alternate approach.

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You can use existing speakers and simply connect a Bluetooth receiver along with a power amplifier. The Bluetooth receiver is going to pick up the wireless signal which is streamed from your smart phone. It converts the signal to an analog signal that can be input into active speakers or a power amplifier. You can purchase small amplifiers from Amphony as well as other suppliers. Alternatively, you can also purchase a unit that has the power amplifier built in.

When choosing an amplifier which supports Bluetooth, I generally suggest to pick a model that comes with an external antenna. Many suppliers will use modules which have an integrated antenna. Unfortunately, these modules a fairly small and the antenna usually occupies a small amount of space on the circuit board. Therefore, the gain of the antenna is limited. In addition, these modules are not flexible in adjusting the directivity of the antenna. On the other hand, if the unit has an external antenna, this antenna can usually be swiveled in order to adjust for optimal reception.

Also, in some instances the speakers might be quite a ways away from the transmitting phone. In this case, the operating range is quite important. If you have a unit that comes with an external antenna, you can switch the antenna which is supplied with the device against a directional antenna. The advantage of using a directional antenna is that the signal coming from the transmitting device is preferred over other signals. This will enhance the range and also suppress interference which is caused by other transmitters.