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A Look at Some Wireless Options for Loudspeakers

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Wireless loudspeakers are quite useful in many situations. If you have an outdoor party, using some wireless speakers is a great option in case you don’t have the luxury of running wires into your backyard. Also, wireless speakers are quite easy to install in multiple locations without having to worry about drilling holes into your walls. In this article, I’m going to focus primarily on how to make speakers wireless for use in home theater applications.

They are several models of home theater kits which include wireless rear speakers. These are usually called wireless surround sound sets and are available from different manufacturers. As an alternative, you could also opt for purchasing a generic wireless surround said that connects to a regular home theater system. Since regular home theater receivers don’t usually have line-level outputs for the rear speakers, these sets are usually designed to allow speaker-level outputs from home theater receivers.

For that purpose, the transmitter unit usually provides for a speaker terminal which is designed to accept speaker cable which is connected directly to the speaker outputs of the receiver. The transmitter will convert the speaker-level audio signal into an unbound signal and then feed it to a digital component. You don’t usually want to use why adapters to convert speaker-level audio outputs into line-level signals. The reason is that if you connect to outputs using that method that essentially you will be connecting one of the speaker outputs via the ground of the unbalanced cable. Therefore, you should always purchase a transmitter which is designed specifically for accepting such audio signals.

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When purchasing a wireless solution, make sure that the transmitter doesn’t occupy a frequency band which is already crowded in your home. As an example, if you are running a wireless network that occupies the 2.4 GHz frequency band then I would recommend against purchasing a speaker kit that works in the same frequency range. This will minimize interference problems. Alternatively, you could also upgrade your wireless network to use a different frequency band.

I always recommend to purchase a surround sound kits that comes with wireless speakers. However, using an off-the-shelf solution also has some advantages. First of all, such a solution is not dedicated to a specific brand of home theater product. Therefore, this approach is more modular and allows you to swap the wireless option or the home theater system without having to purchase everything from scratch in case of the site to change equipment.